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Our dental software and solutions help practices achieve better, easier, simpler growth. Switch to EXACT today and join our elite practices who have achieved 43% revenue growth in just 12 months.*

* Based on the performance of the top 20% of new Henry Schein One Australia and New Zealand EXACT practices that converted to EXACT from another Dental Practice Management Software or commenced using EXACT and joined the Customer Success Program as at June 2021.

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We help dental practices run successful businesses – from having the latest dental software and practice management technology to offering expert coaching and advice.

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We don’t just provide industry-leading dental software and practice management solutions, we help turn dental practices into great businesses while improving health outcomes for their patients.

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Our business coaching program helps dental practices achieve significant revenue growth, improve workflow efficiencies and more. 

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Our Business Services team offer a series of free health checks to ensure optimal practice performance at all times.

"Thank you very much for taking the time Maddisyn and for your effort in explaining the best practice recall system in EXACT to me here at Marina Dentists... I would, from the bottom of my heart, really like to say thank you! I do appreciate your help. I think if more practices took the same opportunity, their recalls would be much more successful."

Johagavanna Drescher, Practice Manager

Marina Dentists

About Henry Schein One

In order for today’s dental surgery to survive, it must achieve the perfect combination between practice management, customer relations, business and dentistry.

To help dental practices achieve this balance, Henry Schein One has developed dental software, integrated solutions and business coaching services that enable dentists to focus on providing the best possible dental care and experience for patients – without having to worry about the day to day management of their dental practice.

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