Successful new patient acquisition guide

Dentistry has become increasingly more competitive – expecting new patients to find and choose you on their own is no longer a strategy.

It goes without saying that your practice needs to attract new patients in order to grow. Our research shows that top performing practices are actually achieving an average of 34 new patients per chair per month.1

What's more, 89.9% of practices want to improve their marketing and attract new patients, but only 22.9% have a clear plan for their marketing activity.2

Ever-changing government restrictions and the current state of the economy have all had an impact on consumer confidence, with patients likely to limit their spending, which may include visits to the dentist.

With this shift, the key to business success and ensuring your practice thrives is a robust new patient acquisition strategy. 

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  • The importance of having a robust patient acquisition strategy
  • The link between treating new patients and improving health outcomes
  • Seven tips to optimise your patient acquisition strategy

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1. Based on our top performing 20% of Henry Schein One Australia and New Zealand customers converting to EXACT dental software on the Customer Success Program for each Key Performance Indicator as at April 2020.
2. Source: Driving practice revenues through effective patient marketing whitepaper, Software of Excellence, 2015.

Last Updated on 8 July 2021

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