Reclaim your chair-time and down-time

The real advantage of our practice management software: reclaim your time

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Thanks to our dental software and coaching programs, dentists are regaining the time to do what they love

Henry Schein One’s practice management software and personalised coaching programs have helped countless dentists to optimise their services. 

The collective goal is always to boost practice performance whilst providing better oral health outcomes for patients – but the most valuable reward is time.

A common sacrifice of dental practice management

Whether it’s giving up valuable chair-time to get through admin tasks, or missing out on cherished family holidays, all dentists have had to give up their time to manage their practice.

But this shouldn’t be the norm – because with best-practice procedures and intelligent dental software, dentists can regain that quality time.

The results of our coaching programs and software solutions go beyond admin efficiency and chair-time optimisation: dentists and practice managers are finally able to have some down-time – with the peace of mind that their practice is supported!

The practical reward of our dental software: less admin, more dentistry

At Henry Schein One, our dental software and coaching programs are empowering dentists to reclaim their chair-time

  • Saving time with automated software: Our practice management software streamlines and automates admin tasks such as patient recalls, appointment reminders, and rebooking procedures.This has the potential to revolutionise the efficiency of your practice, as your front desk team can better manage and maintain communication with patients – resulting in better patient engagement and maximised appointment bookings.Switching to an automated admin system allows dentists to dedicate more chair-time providing treatment to patients, without having to close their calendar to complete reception tasks!
  • Building in best-practice procedures:With personalised coaching from the Henry Schein One Customer Success Team, dentists and practice managers can implement methods and procedures that deliver outstanding results.These step-by-step methods are easy to follow for your team members, and ensure consistency in the quality of service to your patients.From rebooking procedures to patient engagement techniques, dentists can be flexible with their time with the peace of mind that their staff are following best-practice every day.

The ultimate reward of our dental software: quality time for you and your loved ones!

  • Constant support:All too often, dentists and practice managers are called from home to solve a problem for staff – whether it’s a technical issue or a misunderstood task.These interruptions slowly erode valuable downtime for dentists, which is why Henry Schein One offers dedicated customer support to help your team.With our support staff available to provide troubleshooting and customer support, dentists can finally take some time away from their practice and be with their families.
  • Personal investment:As your practice becomes more organised and independent from constant supervision, why not dedicate some time to your career?With the guidance and support from Henry Schein One, dentists and practice managers have been able to dedicate their reclaimed time to invest in themselves.From attending our Business Insights Seminars, to gaining qualifications that enhance your practice’s services, we’ve witnessed the personal value gained by our customers through Henry Schein One’s programs.
  • Team expansion:Perhaps you want to grow your practice and add another chair?Henry Schein One’s Customer Success Program is tailored to your business’ goals, including guidance for practice owners wanting to expand their team and hire another dentist.As we help you set business goals and strategise your practice’s growth, you can finally plan that summer holiday with your family!

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Last Updated on 7 January 2021

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