Expert tips for growing your dental practice: part 1

Expert Advice Series Part 1 with Samantha Yurchenko

In this first article in our four-part Expert Advice Series, we speak with Samantha Yurchenko, Henry Schein One’s Business Development Specialist.  

With many years’ experience providing business advice to dental practices, she has learned the most common—and problematic—pain points that prevent practices from growing. Here, she shares tips that all practices should follow to reach their business potential.

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What is the biggest issue slowing down dental practices’ growth?

Patient recalls!

I see countless dental practices who lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue each year from having a poor recall process. While they may have a strategy, they don’t follow their strategy 100% which causes patients to get lost in the system and miss out on a high standard of oral health care.

If a dental practice came to you for advice on this issue, what would you tell them? 

To enjoy around 84% recall effectiveness, the following five elements are critical when a patient completes their check-up/recall.

  1. Capture a future recall due date.
  2. Prompt future booking of the next recall. 
  3. Prompt the collection of mobile numbers and email addresses if missing. (Automated patient communication will not work if these are missing). 
  4. Utilise truly automated recall appointment reminders at different intervals of time using different media. 
  5. Report on the compliance of the above elements and implement training and development if critical elements are being missed.

What is your advice for any dental practices apprehensive about embracing change?

Change is no longer hard or painful. There is so much research, along with multiple strategies, innovative tools and support, to help you make changes to ensure your patients get the standard of care on time. The world is changing rapidly due to the pandemic, so change will be a constant, moving forward.

Tell us about yourself and your experience in the dental industry. Why should practices book a complimentary business review with you?

I have been providing business reviews for years and I have discovered that many dental practices are unsure of their recall effectiveness, are unsure of how to measure it and are not sure if they are covering the five critical elements.   

Our complimentary business reviews help you to assess your own practice, understand where patients may be getting lost in the system and provide tried and tested best practice processes and tools to help practices improve.

Request a complimentary business review to start seeing the business results you want for your dental practice.

Last Updated on 11 June 2021

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