Our new office and environment

Modernising the patient journey

With technological growth comes the potential for an enhanced patient experience. Let’s embrace it.

It’s the 21st Century. Not only do most people own a smartphone, but they expect to access everything they need with it – including dental care.

Most of us do everything online nowadays. For many customers, using the internet to book appointments and fill in forms enables them to organise their busy schedules easily and efficiently.

Recent survey results show that 60% of patients chose one practice over another based on their strong online presence, while 45% of those surveyed explicitly preferred to book appointments online.

What does this mean for dental practices? Offering an online patient journey not only improves your patients’ experience, but it allows you to stand out from the rest.

At Henry Schein One, we’ve ensured that our work environment is as modern and innovative as our global services.

This state-of-the art office space enhances our groundbreaking work at Henry Schein One.

Along with contemporary collaboration spaces and access to Albany’s shopping centre, we’ve created a community culture with learning and team-building opportunities for our staff.

To thrive in an industry that requires precision and concentration, our Albany office is equipped with resources and facilities that maximise productivity – whilst inspiring innovation and collaboration. 

A modern space inspires new ideas

As they create and refine cutting-edge software, Henry Schein One’s developers must concentrate for long periods of time. This brand new space allows us to make the most of new techniques and local comforts to drive our performance.

Our new office gave us the perfect opportunity to implement new tools and strategies to maximise our team’s performance and satisfaction:

  • First-class equipment: our developers work with the most advanced and user-friendly technology available; from the latest hardware to telescopic desks that cater to all work habits and communication styles. 
  • ‘Do not disturb’: our developers manage their productivity with a unique ‘flag’ system, signalling to colleagues when they are working in peace. This clever approach allows our community to thrive in an open-plan office without being distracted.
  • Access to amenities: one of the many advantages of our new office is that we are in Albany’s bustling centre. Developers have access to the mall’s shops and eateries, but can also enjoy the surrounding green spaces to relax and unwind during their breaks.

What’s going on in our community?

We create an enriching culture for our staff with engaging activities and learning opportunities

Developers thrive on challenges and puzzles. At Henry Schein One we encourage and nurture these skills within our community with unique team-oriented events.

As well as giving staff the resources and new technology to hone their skills, we provide learning opportunities to support their continued development: 

  • Hackathons
    Hackathons are the perfect challenge for programmers’ problem solving skills. These events encourage our developers to work together to solve tough problems and compete with their co-workers. We have another hackathon coming up later in the year.
  • Lunchtime learning sessions
    Our new space boasts a bustling lunch area where we hold lunches for the Henry Schein One community, encouraging community learning and group discussions about a new topic.
  • Setting goals for professional development
    Using the Scrum team framework, each of our developers has continuous learning goals incorporated into their role. Every Scrum team member is encouraged to plan some professional development time during each time-frame of work, what we call a sprint. These development objectives are added to the sprint plan, and become part of the team’s overarching goal.
  • Open-mindedness to try new things
    At Henry Schein One, we welcome the opportunity to try new technologies. Our team has been able to work with cutting-edge systems such as Kubernetes, .NET Core, Vue.js, AWS Lambda, Terraform, Packer, and Vagrant. In many cases, these experiments with new technology have resulted in productionised services and platforms within just a couple of months.

Pursuing our mission to empower and inspire

We believe that having an engaged and inspired team further empowers our customers with top quality software services. This is why Henry Schein One invests heavily in our community environment – because when our team is engaged and inspired, our customers experience the benefits.

We’re passionate about inspiring our community to develop and achieve great things as individuals. With our new office we’ve got the environment to match our team’s innovative expertise, as we continue to create leading dental software.

Interested in what we’re creating? Get in touch.

Last Updated on 7 January 2021

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