Meet our team: Part 2

Meet Our Team: Support Team Leader Hasan Kazmi

In the spirit of celebrating the hardworking people who contribute to Henry Schein One’s success, we’re sharing a series of “Meet the Team” posts.

In this second installment of the series, we spoke to Hasan Kazmi, one of our Support Team Leaders for the Asia Pacific region.

Hasan Kazmi

Building lasting relationships 

Hasan manages the day-to-day operations of the support team, ensuring that Henry Schein One customers are getting solid outcomes and an excellent experience every time they call. He looks after 14 support agents, ensuring they have a clear progression plan and the tools and skills to do the best they can for customers. Hasan also ensures that customers are informed of the latest software updates and additional processes that Henry Schein One puts in place to support practices.

Being in a customer-facing role, Hasan supports and problem-solves for dental practice clients daily.

What excites Hasan the most about his role is both the challenges he gets to work on when supporting practices as well as the difference he’s able to make in doing so. He recalls working on a large software upgrade for a huge practice. The upgrade started at 8am on a public holiday and finished at 3am the following morning. At 7am that morning, Hasan was onsite at the practice and checking the software was functioning as required. He spent the whole day at the practice checking every computer thoroughly, which was challenging.

As Hasan says, “Putting so much effort into this project was so meaningful as not only did it leave the customer extremely satisfied, it also formed a great relationship with them, which I value a lot.”

Identifying common problems

In his five years in this job, Hasan has spoken with thousands of dental practices, and has identified two common problems that most of them face at some point: patient fail-to-attends (FTAs) and staff retention.

Often, practice managers don’t have a clear view of why they are failing to meet their business targets. Even when they can identify the problem, they often don’t know how to fix it.

These types of challenges can be addressed by booking a complimentary business review; an important first step in optimising your practice performance and reaching your business goals sooner.

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