Meet our team: Part 3

Meet Our Team: Implementations Team Member Vijayashree Muniswamy 

It’s the people that make (or break) many businesses, and we’re proud of the team who work behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly at Henry Schein One. 

In this, the third in our ‘Meet the Team’ series, we spoke to Vijayashree Muniswamy, who works with the implementations team to assist clients with successful and smooth onboarding. Here are a few things she’s learned in her time working at Henry Schein One.

Vijayashree Muniswamy

You’ve been with Henry Schein One now for more than five years – In your experience, what are some of the biggest challenges that dental practices face? 

The biggest challenges I see many dental practices face are the limited use of automation and finding and retaining patients 

How can dental practices overcome these challenges? 

In regards to the limited use of automation, many dental practices are either limited in their use of automation, or not doing it at all. Emails and SMS messages can be used for appointment reminders. Electronic forms and patient check-ins streamline the process for effective recalls and will eliminate any errors that may arise that can negatively impact the patient’s overall experience at the dental practice. In turn, making these switches can put staff to better use where they’re needed elsewhere, instead of using up their time sending manual recalls and reminders. 

Relating to finding and retaining patients: patients look things up on a search engine for everything today. Dental practices need to be on top of their social media and online presence. They should send updates about new procedures, offer discounts, and introduce their teams through social media. These help attract new patients and help patients get to know their dentists and the staff at the practice.  

Tell us about a career highlight of working at Henry Schein One. 

I really value the open communication that Henry Schein One promotes amongst management and employees. From the support teams who are a call away to the technical teams who work towards making the product better each day for the clients, we always strive to be better today than we were yesterday. 

My biggest career highlight was being appointed as the first buddy to convert site clients during my support days. The buddy system provides extra support and guidance for our customers after they have gone through the implementation and initial onboarding of one of our practice management solutions (PMS). It also helps address potential overwhelm and any questions the practice may have as they get used to their new PMS. I had daily and weekly calls with the client to get them up to speed and to instil them with confidence that they were not alone in this journey.  

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