Meet our team: Part 4

Meet Our Team: Best Practice Consultant Stella Litsios 

The Henry Schein One team love working together, and clients love working with us, too. 

In this fourth instalment of our “Meet Our Team” blog series we spoke to Stella Litsios, from our Business Services Team who has been supporting our customers and conducting business reviews for the past three years. Here she shares what she’s learned in her time on the job. 

stella litsios

You conduct business reviews with Henry Schein One clients and help them understand their business pain points and how we can help them overcome there. What are the biggest challenges for dental practices, and how can they overcome them? 

The biggest challenge I have seen practices face in the last couple of years is COVID-19 and lockdowns. It’s been difficult for them not knowing when lockdowns will begin and end, and they’ve also had to keep up with new industry best practices.

Owners and practice managers are trying to provide the best care of their patients while following the ADA guidelines, as well as keeping their staff safe. Before COVID-19 hit, many practices still used paper forms. Now, we’ve seen a shift to online record keeping and booking.

Having online forms available allows patients to complete them in the comfort of their own home, on their smart devices. Minimising the time spent in practices before appointments helps prevent patient crossover, reduces patients’ anxiety, and assists with pre-screening to help prevent the virus’ spread.

Henry Schein One’s software can make dental practice managers’ lives easier while contributing to keeping the whole community safe.

Your job is to make measurable differences in customers’ business operations. What stands out as a career highlight for you?

One highlight has been showing practices the automation system we can implement to help them manage appointment or recall reminders. This frees up staff to perform other tasks, like following up on outstanding treatment. All of these contribute to improving a dental practice’s business effectiveness—and their revenue, ultimately. 

Everyone at Henry Schein One wants better for the practices who come to us, and we work together to achieve this goal. 

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