Meet our team: Part 5

Meet Our Team: Software Support Supervisor - 
Kathryn Monahan

Practices that use Henry Schein One software have access to a full suite of support services and help is always just a phone call away. 

This month, in our Meet the Team series, we spoke to Kathryn Monahan, one of our Software Support Supervisors. It’s her job to help practices with set up and troubleshooting our software. Kathryn really enjoys being there to support our Australian and New Zealand practices. 

kathryn monahan

Practices that use Henry Schein One software may be experts in dental care but less knowledgeable about the intricacies of computer programs. How do you help them?

I help customers with all things related to their software, particularly any errors or issues they are having. These may be login issues, the program’s speed, or troubleshooting online booking issues. I also assist in the creation of a range of templates, from invoices to scheduling and any SMS or email forms. Other common issues that arise during calls are fixing patient accounts and running reports.

What are some of the biggest challenges for dental practices and how can you help the team to overcome them?

Practices not knowing enough about the system they’re using can lead to issues. To help members of staff get the right training on how to use our software, we provide access to an online training platform that’s free for all our support clients. Support calls are great because they can uncover additional features and solutions the practice may not have known about that could improve practice productivity.

Even well-trained staff can come across unexpected glitches at times. Being able to call our support line when the issue arises can help in troubleshooting the problem and avoiding ongoing pain for the practice.

These past couple of years, the biggest challenge practices have faced is, of course, Covid-19 restrictions. Henry Schein One has been able to provide support for practices that have had to close during these unpredictable times. We’ve helped practices send bulk communications out to their patients to ensure they’re aware of any restrictions impacting their dental care.

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