Meet our team: Part 6

Meet Our Team: Mel Chappell-King, Business Coach and Software Training Consultant

We love helping great dentists become great dental practice business managers.

Our team knows that, to run a thriving practice, practice managers can’t ignore the business side of their operations. We spoke to Mel Chappell-King, Business Coach and Software Training Consultant, about how she works with practices to improve their performance—and their bottom line.

mel chappell king

“Remember, you’re trying to run a successful business”

As well as being passionate about patients’ wellbeing, a successful dental practice should run with seamless processes to achieve great productivity without making patients feel that it is all about the money.
Mel notes that with a little bit of coaching and some determination, a practice can go from good to great. “Sometimes it might just be a small change in practice behavior, and other times it is a bit more involved, but if the effort is made, we can see amazing results.”

The journey from “good” to “great”

When a new client purchases EXACT dental software, they are invited to join the Customer Success Program with complimentary access for the first twelve months.
Our Henry Schein One business coaches, such as Mel, help practices to understand key information about their business operations, and how to improve. Typically, we focus on improving one area at a time, from month to month, and cater the sessions to each individual practice’s needs. These areas include:

  • chair time utilisation
  • recall effectiveness
  • patient retention
  • hourly rates
  • managing appointment books
  • handling outstanding treatment and recalls
  • team management.

As Mel states, “It is always great to see improvements in our clients’ figures. Recently, I was on a call with a client, showing them how much they had improved from when they started the program just six months ago. To hear their enthusiasm and appreciation was heart-warming.”

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