Meet our team: Part 7

Meet Our Team: Josh Corneille, Best Practice Consultant

At Henry Schein One, we’re proud of our team of professionals who bring their in-depth industry knowledge to helping dental practices grow.

Best Practice Consultant Josh Corneille helps identify the problems and challenges practices face and provides them with the solutions that match their needs. We spoke with Josh about what practices can expect when working closely with our consultants.

Josh Corneille, Best Practice Consultant

Gentle, effective guidance

Most practice managers know the ins and outs of dentistry but could do with extra help with the business side of things. To run a thriving practice it’s not enough to be a great dentist. Josh Corneille’s role as a Best Practice Consultant is to guide practices towards making better decisions from a business perspective.

As Josh states, “I work with practices to navigate through current and future challenges they may face, from doing business reviews to demonstrating how Henry Schein One can help. I love assisting practices achieve better results.”

Knowledge is power

In these uncertain times, it’s never been more important for practices to understand how they are performing. Throughout his five years with Henry Schein One, Josh has found that, unfortunately, most practices don’t.
“Going through a business review is the most effective way to overcome this issue,” Josh says.

“It summarises how the practice is performing and compares this against best practice benchmarks. It’s also a great way to understand where you need to focus your attention and what gaps you may currently have.”

A common theme that Josh often notices is recall effectiveness—or lack of effectiveness. Most practices simply don’t know how effective their recall systems are, or even lack proper systems.

Josh recommends: “The best way to overcome this issue is to book in for a recall health check. This ensures that automation is turned on and running to our best practice standards.”

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