The key to patient recall effectiveness

The key to patient recall effectiveness

Boost the impact of patient recalls: book on-departure

Your patient has finished their appointment, and they’re reporting to the front desk.

Their dental health is on their mind, and your patient is right in front of your admin team – who are ready to ensure their treatment plan is sustained.

“Would you like your next appointment in the morning or the afternoon?”

It’s a convenient question – prompting patients after their appointment saves them time, whilst encouraging a higher rate of rebooking.  

This simple step is vital to the success of your practice.

Booking on-departure helps you achieve two crucial targets

Principal dentists and practice owners face two objectives, and booking your patients on-departure is a tangible action to reach both targets:

  • Improve patient health outcomes: booking patients while they are still in your practice helps ensure their treatment plans are followed through. Optimise patient recall effectiveness by ensuring patients have their next appointment in their schedule when they leave. This means you are maintaining regularity of their check-ups and therefore providing the highest possible standard of care. Regular check-ups are key to prevention or at least diagnosing and treating the patient early to prevent ongoing disease and decay. Taking this extra step is, therefore, assisting your patients to prioritise their oral health outcomes.
  • Drive profitability: it’s straightforward – more appointments equals more revenue. Booking that 6-month follow-up on-departure is perhaps the easiest way to boost your monthly appointments, as every patient should theoretically have their next appointment set-in-stone on the calendar. We know from our research that all dental practices who introduced appointment reminders on-departure, or even made rebooking compulsory, saw a surge in appointment numbers.

How to introduce on-departure appointment reminders

It’s as simple as adding a step to the front-desk procedure, but it will have a huge impact on your patient recall effectiveness – and the success of your practice.

Here’s how you can start promoting your patient’s next appointment, while you’re still on their mind:

  • Patient Exit Workflow: when a patient reports to the front desk to pay, our dental practice management software feature prompts your practice team to complete a number of departure actions. This includes scheduling a follow-up appointment, as well as confirming the patient’s email and mobile number – so your team can ensure effective communication with the patient. This automated prompt takes pressure off your team and ensures consistency, so they can focus on delivering personalised customer service to your patients.
  • Train-up your team: it might be time to update your front-desk procedures. This is an excellent opportunity to call your team together and educate them about the importance of appointment reminders, and rebooking on-departure. Investing in ongoing training ensures quality customer service, as well as the confidence that your team are following best-practice at all times.

It’s time to optimise your appointment reminders! Talk to us today.

Last Updated on 7 January 2021

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