Support ceased for Windows 7

Microsoft has announced that they intend to cease support for Windows 7 effective January 14th 2020.

After this date, Microsoft will no longer provide any bug fixes or security patches for issues on a computer running Windows 7 operating system. We strongly recommend that you upgrade your Windows 7 operating system to Windows 10 to ensure the ongoing security and functionality of your software.

Once Microsoft stops producing updates for Windows 7 we will be unable to guarantee the ongoing operation of your dental practice management software or any other software such as digital imaging software. This is due to the risk that operating systems and internet components which your software relies on may stop working. Please understand that this is outside of our control.

We therefore strongly recommend that you upgrade your Windows 7 operating system to Windows 10.

Windows 10 is available to download via the Microsoft website. The PC requirements for Windows 10 are documented as unchanged so new hardware is unlikely to be required. However, you should consider all other software applications or hardware equipment (e.g. X-Ray devices) before updating. If you don’t feel confident running this upgrade yourself, please contact your hardware support provider for advice and guidance.

Information at a glance:

  • You can download and run the Windows 10 upgrade by going to the Microsoft site.
  • The hardware requirements for Windows 7 are the same as Windows 10 so new hardware is unlikely to be needed.
  • Make sure you have checked that your other software applications and hardware are supported on Windows 10.
  • A full backup of any data is strongly recommended before your Windows 10 operating system update.
  • For any queries about updating your operating system, please contact your hardware support for advice and guidance.
  • It is our understanding that the regional regulatory authorities require practices to use supported operating systems only. However, the decision to comply with this guidance lies with the business owner.
  • More information on the upgrade process and the risks of continuing to use Windows 7 can be found on the Microsoft site.
  • As always, we will continue to do our best to support our users.

We strongly recommend that all customers upgrade any remaining Windows 7 computers to a supported Microsoft operating system prior to January 14th 2020.

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Last Updated on 7 January 2021

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