Campaign Plus

A complete patient marketing solution

You won’t find many restaurants or hair salons without a marketing strategy, yet only 24% of dental practices actually have a marketing plan for their activity.* Without a robust marketing strategy, practices may not be setting themselves up for future success.

* Drive Practice Revenues Through Effective Patient Marketing whitepaper, Software of Excellence (2016).

Software benefits

Optimise your patient marketing

Target your patients with personalised communications and automated marketing campaigns

Drive practice revenue

Promote your services and treatments , such as teeth whitening, crowns, dental implants and more

Track return-on-investment

Understand which marketing campaigns deliver the most revenue and which campaigns are underperforming

How it works

Create and automatically send personalised marketing communications to targeted patient lists, with an array of customisable designs for email and direct mail.

Send post-operative care instructions to optimise oral health outcomes, information on proposed treatment plans to increase treatment acceptance, and special offers to promote certain solutions, such as teeth whitening, extractions, implants and more.

Set budgets and easily track return-on-investment to understand which campaigns are performing or underperforming.

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Last Updated on 12 October 2021

Set your dental practice up for success