MyPractice Cloud

Unlock powerful analytics. Make robust decisions.

Did you know that 80% of dental practices admit to not knowing enough about their business performance? Insufficient data analysis, poor access to performance metrics and time constraints all contribute to this.

Software benefits

Improve decision-making

Make robust business decisions based on data, not gut-feel or incorrect analysis

Understand your performance instantly

Analyse your performance and make decisions faster with minimal effort

Anytime, anywhere access

Access performance metrics, dashboards and reports online remotely from any location 24/7

How it works

Log-in to MyPractice Cloud from any internet-conntected device to quickly view performance remotely, even when your practice is closed.

View up to 6 performance dashboards for better, faster decision making.*

Access up to 30 detailed reports for more in-depth analysis.*

Set targets and track them against actual performance.*

* Only available in MyPractice Cloud Full Edition. 

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Last Updated on 12 October 2021

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