Online Booking

Effortlessly attract new dental patients

The average dental practice needs to see 16 new patients per dentist, per month just to stand still. Making it easy for new patients to find you online and book an appointment is vital to ensuring you have a steady flow of new patients.

Software benefits

Attract new patients

Enable new patients to book 24/7, even when your practice is closed

Maximise chair-time utilisation

Fill white space in your appointment book faster and more efficiently

Improve practice revenue

Increase your average hourly rate to improve your bottom line

How it works

What are you doing to capture the 47% of bookings made online outside of business hours? Online Booking enables new and existing patients to conveniently book an appointment through your website at any time, anywhere, even whilst on the go – while you retain control of your diary by selecting which appointments are made publicly available.

When patients book online, they can select if they are new or existing, a reason for their visit and a provider.

You can also include web-links in your SMS and email recalls prompting existing patients to book from their smartphone or PC there and then.

Any online booking appointments made will be directly added into your appointment book in your software. Therefore, your front desk can spend less time confirming appointments and focus on customer service.

Last Updated on 11 August 2021

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