Patient Cycle Management.

There are several actions that need to be completed before and after every patient appointment – from recalling patients to sending out appointment reminders. These actions all affect your recall rates, short-notice cancellations and patients who fail-to-attend, which will in turn affect your overall chair-time utilisation and practice performance.

Automated Recalls and Reminders solution

Improve your patients’ oral health
Improve your recall effectiveness
Reduce your FTAs
Maximise your chair-time utilisation

How does it work?

With SMS and SMS replies automatically send SMS reminders and recalls to patients and enable them to reply to confirm their appointment – don’t rely on just sending email recalls and reminders. Remove the need to manually send out recalls and reminders, helping you follow up with overdue patients, reduce FTA’s and maximise chair-time utilisation.

With EasyPost send recall postcards directly to patients via our communications services without printing a single thing onsite at your practice. Choose from a range of letter and postcard templates and free up hours of administration time.

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