About Us

Who is Henry Schein One?

Henry Schein One New Zealand are global leaders in providing dental practice management software and business coaching solutions.

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to deliver innovative technology that improves every aspect of dental practice management. We endeavour to turn good practices into great businesses, enabling our customers to run efficient, profitable practices while delivering the highest quality patient care.

Our vision is to empower dentists with powerful software and dedicated business coaching. We want to help them better serve their communities through improving health outcomes.

Our beginnings

Founded in New Zealand in 1988, Software of Excellence expanded internationally and established offices in Australia, the UK, and the Netherlands.

We then evolved to become a Henry Schein company in 2007 – with access to global resources, cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise.

In 2019, we became Henry Schein One New Zealand, a team of software experts and business coaches leading the future of the dental software industry.

Think globally, act locally

A Fortune 500 Company, Henry Schein operates in 31 countries and has more than 1 million customers worldwide.

With our global reach, Henry Schein One’s support is backed by our ongoing research into the processes that make the most successful dental practices.

We have local-based Support, Onboarding, Training and Business Services teams, available at all times to provide personalised training and support to practice owners and managers.

Our local software development team are dedicated to delivering support and innovation to help your dental practice become a better business.

Set your dental practice up for success