Case Study: Albany Dental

Tammy Lin offers quality dentistry in Auckland

Principal dentist Tammy Lin runs a small practice in Albany, and wanted to develop her practice’s online presence whilst maximising the productivity of her team.

A dedicated dental professional, Tammy knew she needed guidance to enhance her practice’s online marketing and increase patient follow-up appointments.

Tammy was nervous, but ready to embrace Henry Schein One’s software and practices that would help her patients and drive her practice’s success as a business.

Here’s how our 12-month coaching programme enabled Albany Dental to improve patient engagement to drive the rate of follow-up appointments.

The challenge: developing an online presence and bringing patients back

As a small practice operating in a highly saturated area, Albany Dental needed to optimise their booking availability and online presence so that patients could seek treatment and make appointments as easily as possible.

Guided by Customer Success Consultant, Amanda, Tammy began to learn about the importance of engaging with patients outside the clinic – via text, email, phone-calls, and online booking systems.

Amanda showed Tammy how Henry Schein One’s software can help her practice’s productivity by automating appointment reminders and offering patients the option of booking online.

Albany Dental

“I could not have been any luckier to have Amanda as my Customer Success Consultant, and I really do enjoy and look forward to my monthly meetings with Amanda, as she analyses and explains how each figure reflects improvements within our practice.”

Tammy Lim, Albany Dental

The solution: using automation and online booking to create better patient outcomes

With the ongoing support of Amanda, Tammy started to address the areas within her practice that needed improvement:

  • Getting found online: realising the importance of having an online presence, Tammy started to slowly invest in Albany Dental’s website and online booking features. Despite her initial cautiousness, Tammy soon embraced our online booking model as well as extra modules to drive her business forward. Now Albany Dental has a website that showcases their vision as a practice and as a team.
  • Maximising follow-ups: asking patients to pre-book an appointment can be difficult, especially if the follow-up is 12-months in advance. After consulting with Amanda about the importance of re-booking for patient health outcomes, Tammy made pre-bookings mandatory for her patients. This proved to be a huge success for Albany Dental, as patient re-bookings increased to 85% in only a few months.
  • Introducing automatic reminders: Tammy learned that automating appointment reminders and follow-ups gives her team more available time to provide best-practice service to patients. Patients are reminded of their appointment via email, text, and phone-call in the weeks and days leading up to their consultation. By introducing this three-tiered reminder process, Albany Dental benefitted from maximised appointment attendance. Making the most of automated software and multiple communication channels has helped Tammy and her team drive practice revenue by $20k each month!

Tammy’s experience with Henry Schein One

Having the constant support and business insights from her Customer Success Consultant has empowered Tammy and her team as they embrace practice management software and strategies that visibly improve their service.

“One of the major differences working with Henry Schein One compared to my previous provider is that I found they continuously update their software. The support team is friendly and approachable whether my question is big or small. With Henry Schein One’s guidance, our team is able to utilise the EXACT software to run Albany Dental more efficiently – from when the patient walks through the door, to booking their next appointment before they leave the surgery.”

After already seeing significant improvements to patient and practice outcomes in the first few months, Tammy and her team are looking forward to completing their 12-month programme and seeing the results of our personalised software and guidance.

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Last Updated on 12 October 2021

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