Case Study: Frank Matheson Dental

EXACT switch delivers time savings and paperless workflow

The team at Frank Matheson Dental Surgery experienced an immediate uplift in business efficiency when they transitioned from their legacy system to Software of Excellence’s EXACT Dental Practice Management software.

The move – which took place at their Glen Eden, Auckland, site over three days – “made life simpler and a lot less painful,” says Dentist Simon Bell. “We saw an improvement straight away,” he adds.

Practice Manager Petra Matheson says her team was “using PracticeWorks as an appointment book only, as it was too difficult to use.” She describes the rollover to EXACT as going very smoothly, and all the data was migrated from their old system by the Software of Excellence team without any problems.

Both Simon and Petra found the training provided as part of the installation very good and say the on-site trainers did an excellent job of coaching the entire practice staff on the ins and outs of EXACT. They also appreciated the follow-up support available on the phone, as they familiarised themselves with the new system. Simon explains how they came across new scenarios as they started using the features of the EXACT practice management software and the phone support was very professional and helpful.

One of the main reasons Frank Matheson Dental Surgery made the decision to switch to EXACT was because of the product’s flexibility. “PracticeWorks couldn’t handle dental patients on the Work and Income benefit, or ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) part payments.

“The financial side of things didn’t really work for us. We were looking for one system that did everything,” he adds.

Petra explains their practice is almost paperless since switching to EXACT. “We are getting rid of our old patient files, by scanning them into the new system. We don’t need the old paper files because all the information is in EXACT now. It’s great how we can store records digitally, going back as far as 30 years. It’s also very easy to put each patient’s information into the system.”

Simon adds that the new digital system is a lot quicker too. “Access to records and any information you want is just a few clicks away. We used to have to get up and walk around the practice to retrieve a file – the old manual system was so much slower.”

The efficiencies introduced by EXACT has also allowed their practice to expand. “We now have two full-time dentists another two days a week,” says Petra. “We’re definitely getting busier, but the new system allows us to keep up with the work volume much better. Having the records automated frees up our time for customer-related activities.”

Both highlight the advantages of EXACT’s automated recalls and online appointment booking system. “The reminder text messages and online bookings are great,” says Simon. “Both give our front office staff time to spend on more important work.”

Petra says the practice phone number is diverted to her mobile phone after hours. She’s found that she gets fewer calls in the evening from clients trying to make appointments. “They are using the online booking system after hours more and more, which means they don’t have to ring and try and make appointments in the evenings and weekends.”

The automated recalls are also proving very popular with clients. “They absolutely love the text reminders,” says Petra. “They also enjoy the fact that they can make online bookings at any time. They can see all the bookings and available appointment times for the week and choose one which suits them best.”

Simon sums up the positive benefits of switching to EXACT: “We got to the stage with PracticeWorks where Petra was thinking of just throwing all the computers out and going back to a purely paper system. Our big hope was that EXACT would solve all of our problems. The good news is that it did!”

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Last Updated on 12 October 2021

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