Targeting areas of concern early means better patient solutions

Waiheke Dental Centre has been using Exact practice management software since Dr Mike Stephens set up the dental practice in 1999.

“It was cutting edge practice management software then and it still is now”, he says.

Dr Stephens is a firm believer in minimal intervention dentistry. Young or old, he works hard to keep his patients’ teeth healthy.  He says that the keys to being able to practise minimal intervention dentistry are regular dental attendance and first class digital imaging.

Having recently upgraded to Exact V11 in November 2014, Mike is pleased with how well automatic recalls – SMS, emails and EasyPost – are working for him.

“We’re getting a higher rate of patient retention,” says Mike. “And we’re able to offer better customer care.”

With a small administrative team of two part-timers, being able to utilise time efficiently is key. The mammoth task of phoning and booking recalls can now be done automatically using EXACT V11, which means staff are able to focus on reactivating patients.

“We’re taking that time to reach out to our patients who haven’t been in a while; the uptake has been significant.”

The other important strand in minimal intervention dentistry is advanced diagnostic tools. It was the way EXAMINEPRO stored high quality images, integrated seamlessly with EXACT V11, and made it easy to store, retrieve and use images from a variety of sources into a single database that led Mike to adopt the module.

Eleven years on he can’t imagine life without it.  “The quality of the images is excellent. It allows me to zoom in and manipulate parts of an image while retaining excellent clarity. It can be easier to see problem areas on the screen rather than while looking in a patient’s mouth, and I can be sure I am targeting the problem areas preventively.

“EXAMINEPRO is one of the best tools I’ve got for early detection”, he said.

Using EXAMINEPRO, everything can be scanned and saved to a patient’s file, making filing effortless. It reduces human error, and means Mike can be sure everything is carefully stored in one place. Being digital means it is accessible to Mike at the touch of a button. 

“Using EXAMINEPRO with EXACT V11 at the chairside makes excellent sense. Early detection of problems means better patient solutions”, said Mike.



  • Single solution for storing a wide variety of images
  • Images stored in one place
  • Simple chart integration
  • High resolution image quality
  • Enhanced clinical care
  • Improved patient understanding
  • Increased uptake of treatments
  • Simple to use and access images
  • Freedom to use your own choice of imaging hardware


  • End to end practice management software
  • Seamless integration between EXACT V11 and EXAMINEPRO
  • More effective clinical and business practices
  • Higher chair utilisation

Automated Recall Manager, EasyPost

  • Automated appointment reminders and recalls
  • Allow patients to reply via SMS and have appointments automatically confirmed within practice diary
  • EasyPost sent letters automatically from your practice without printing a thing
  • Free staff from time consuming patient recalls and reminders
  • Automate appointment reminders, recalls and special offers
  • Manage all patient communications within a single system
  • Increased chair time utilisation

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